My 1st Anti Wrinkle Injections

So, I’d been considering getting some Botox injections for about a year now, but last winter when I was at my appointment, doctor just laughed and told me to come back in 5-8 years (I was 29 and just turned 30). She made me hyaluronic acid injections instead (but I honestly haven’t noticed much effect). I have a forehead mimic wrinkle with which we’ve been together for over 10 years now, and I’m ok with it and how my skin looks, but it’s this age and being single probably speaking, so I want some easy and cheap improvements 🙂

So finally I decided to push the button and actually get it done, and you know what. I wish that I’d done it years earlier. Pam at the clinic was super nice and was very considerate, listened to and answered all my questions. Why did it take me so long to get it done!!

The treatment I had was Dermal Fillers, or as I was told to search for Dermal Fillers Melbourne

Like the title says, I’m getting dermal fillers tomorrow to (hopefully) fix my dark circles. Since I’m pretty fair, I know the discoloration won’t totally go away, but it’s the hollowness that really bothers me.

According to the doctor, the healing process is minimal and the results can last anywhere from 9 months to 1.5 years (hoping for the latter!).

I was wondering if anyone else has done anything similar that could offer tips or advice. Also, if anyone is interested, I can post an update when it’s done.

This, to me, is the ideal solution to dark circles. Fillers are very expensive and last for a few months. However, during my research I have read countless posts from plastic surgeons who say the under eye area does not cope very well with fat transfers and that it often ends up lumpy due to some fat being reabsorbed and some not. A lot of surgeons won’t even perform this procedure on the under eye area and many say that they have performed many surgeries trying to correct problems caused by this procedure.

I think, with or without you’d look great to everyone but not having means not being happy with yourself, which is the most important. I do however notice when I am people watching, how much that can visibly age a person, so once again, I understand the want for the procedure.

Regardless it was a great experience, and I’ll be going back to the Face and Hair Clinic again real soon.